Bliss Forex was establish in 2012 as a foreign exchange provider with the intention of not only providing extremely competitive rates but to re-establish the age old principal of providing an excellent service. In the current environment, organizations have forgotten and neglected this aspect with an emphasis on maximising profits. No longer does the customer come first with little consideration to service standards.

We are committed to becoming a market leader re-known for the level of service to customers and clients.

We are confident of being able to meet this goal as our team consists of professionals that have spent a lifetime in the industry and understand the requirements of both clients and customers.

We have a chain of outlets throughout the UK. We offer exceptional rates with branches having readily available stock so that currency can be purchased instantly.

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Bliss Forex offers the opportunity to add value to your business by providing a bureau de change service through your current business. If you are interested in becoming an agent, talk to a dedicated specialist on: